how i went from working with kids to empowering their parents

When I quit trying to change my students and started changing myself, my whole life transformed.

Not long into my career, I realized that much of what I learned in my speech-language pathology program at Boston University was not very neurodiversity-affirming. We were taught to correct certain behaviors and help kids conform to "typical" ways of communicating and expressing emotion. And while I loved working with the kids, I didn't agree with the belief that their ways of experiencing the world were wrong and needed to be fixed.

I chose to celebrate their strengths rather than emphasize their deficits, and I started shifting my mindset and approaching my students with more curiosity and non-judgement.

Around the same time, I noticed that many of their parents appeared to be in constant states of stress and anxiety, with very little support.

While their kids had special therapies, programs, and services, it seemed obvious to me that the parents and families also needed supportive spaces to learn, to process, to be validated, and to feel less alone.

so i decided to create that space.

it's time for a parenting paradigm shift.

With my coaching certification and Master's degree in Integrative Health Studies, my approach is multi-disciplinary and rooted in neuroscience, mindfulness, early child development, polyvagal theory, attachment theory, and responsive parenting principles.

And after discovering I'm neurodivergent myself, it became even clearer why I'm so passionate about creating a more inclusive world for neurodivergent kids to thrive.

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