Empowered Neurodivergent


The Modern Spectrum is for the cycle-breakers, pattern disruptors, and paradigm shifters. You deserve to:

Be resourced and capable of parenting your neurodivergent kids and navigating challenging behaviors.

Have access to effective strategies and solutions that work best for you and your family.

Parent from an empowered and regulated place.

Not be limited by guilt, shame, worry, and fear.

Understand your child's behaviors and be informed about their unique ways of perceiving & responding to the world.

Have a toolbox of practices and strategies to help you regulate your own nervous systems and recognize when you're in "fight-flight-freeze" so you can then co-regulate with your kids.

Break generational curses, set firm boundaries, and understand your own behaviors and patterns and whether they serve you and your family.

Embrace the modern spectrum that exists among us, trust that you're always doing your best, and have confidence that it's always enough.

revolutionizing parent support for neurodivergent families

the modern spectrum

How would your day-to-day life be different if you could parent from a place of empowerment and confidence?

What would it be like if you could better understand your neurodivergent child and trust that they feel safe, accepted, and deeply connected to you?

It is possible to raise neurodivergent kids and be empowered along the way. At The Modern Spectrum, we support parents as you do the work to better understand yourselves and change some of your own behaviors, responses, and expectations. From this place of new paradigm parenting, you can show up more fully and authentically for your kids and ultimately break the patterns that no longer serve you and your families.


Private coaching

One-on-one support to address the struggles and concerns that show up most for you and your family. You'll learn tools, strategies, and mindful approaches to help you navigate tough moments and bring more ease to your days.


Group courses

Christine offers group coaching programs for parents with neurodivergent kids to connect and learn together in community.


Guest speaking engagements

Christine host seminars and presentations for educators and other professionals interested in neurodiversity-affirming practices. Topics and specific examples may be curated specifically for the goals and needs of the organization.

How I went from working with kids to empowering their parents

When I quit trying to change my students and started changing myself, my whole life transformed.

Not long into my career, I realized that much of what I learned in my speech-language pathology program at Boston University was not very neurodiversity-affirming. We were taught to correct certain behaviors and help kids conform to "typical" ways of communicating and expressing emotion. And while I loved working with the kids, I didn't agree with the belief that their ways of experiencing the world were wrong and that they needed to be fixed.

I chose to celebrate their strengths rather than emphasize their deficits, and I started shifting my mindset and approaching my students with more curiosity and non-judgement.

Around the same time, I noticed that many of their parents appeared to be in constant states of stress and anxiety, with very little support.

While their kids had special therapies, programs, and services, it seemed obvious to me that the parents and families also needed supportive spaces to learn, to process, to be validated, and to feel less alone.

So I decided to create that space.

Imagine how it could feel to be more in control during your most challenging parenting moments.

I was losing hope before I started working with Christine. I was stressed out and I was angry and anxious more than I want to admit. Having a space to focus on myself and my own needs has been incredibly helpful as a parent. It's true that when you work on yourself your kids benefit too. There's been so much progress in a short time and I am forever grateful!

Lauren k.

Christine is a lifesaver!! I recommend her to all my mom friends! I've learned so many tools that I use for me and with my kids. I'm learning to change what I do and it's resulting in less frequent and less intense meltdowns.

Kailyn L.

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